Friday, November 8, 2013

Well that was short-lived...but I'll be back

Out here in the cool, quiet hinterlands of eastern Turkey, there is no internet service. There is, of course, the option of a dial-up modem via TurkTelecom, but last time I tried that (10 years ago) it drove me crazy with how agonizingly slow it what with having grown accustomed to 4G speeds in the meantime, I'm sure it would be like watching paint dry today. Thankfully, 3G modems have been invented since, which is how I am able to access the world outside of our tiny little valley right now. Sadly, Turkcell has decided that my service expires today (not quite sure why) and the esteemed account holder, my dear husband Tall, is away in Istanbul on the business of trying to start a business and cannot do anything about it right now. My only successful experience with navigating a Turkish bureacracy of any kind, public or private, includes saying "evet" and signing my name in the marriage registry log, and taking my Turkish-citizen daughter to the public hospital once when she had bad diarrhea (kids under 18 have free health care in Turkey, regardless of the insurance status of their parents.) Other than that, I've stood in line with Tall at various banks, SSK (social health insurance) offices, and overseas consulates, only to be told "no" every time. So, my blog is going on a short hiatus for the next week or so until we can sort this out.
Here is where I also confess that I can hardly function on a PC (not a great sign for someone with dreams of getting paid to write), which is why my blog has the appearance that it does, and is utterly devoid of photographs. God willing, I will figure out how to get photos on here, maybe even before my blog goes dark tonight...well, no, probably not before then, but hopefully in time for the new-and-improved blog starting up next week. In the meantime, please leave a comment...otherwise I'm going to feel like Charleston Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.

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