Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ay Lav Yu, du yu lav mi?

So now I understand why some people need internet access along with oxygen and water...while I have been living with mostly spotty sometimes-weekly access via a tempermental 3G modem (sag olsun, Turkcell) and wishing that I could somehow connect with another woman like me in this part of Turkey, somebody went ahead and made a movie of my life! Well, maybe not just like my life--probably not at all, actually, but from the preview (which is all my modem can handle) it seems that at least it's set in my part of Turkey. And, it features American actors in the American roles, including Muriel Hemingway. I am so excited at the prospect of someday, eventually, seeing this movie. Anybody else seen Ay Lav Yu? Anybody know where I can download it on a slow modem?

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